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In einer sich ständig weiterentwickelden Industrie passen wir unsere Programme fortlaufend neuen Anforderungen an. Zusätzlich liefern wir durch Kreativität neue Impulse für unsere Kunden.
64. Ulmer Betontage vom 18. - 21.02.2020

For 18 years you can always find us at the same place on the Ulmer Betontagen. We will be there again next year.

Anwendertreffen 2019

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Massenermittlung und 3D-Modell

We are experiencing that the technical processing of finished part projects is moving at a rapid pace towards 3D. In the past, there were a few lighthouse projects, so we can see that now in very many precast plants now also normal buildings are planned in 3D. This applies to a large extent to the order case, but also in the bidding phase, the mass determination is now occasionally created with Betsy as a 3D model. The reasons are to speed up the functionality in the corresponding Betsy module, to provide corresponding parameterized geometry models for the different element types and to our customers' desire to give the requesting architect or builders a visual impression of their future building. With Betsy our customers are "BIM ready".

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